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Set The Table With Your Business Message!

Is Tabletop Advertising Right For Me?

The idea is that your message is 12 to 18 inches from your potential client’s nose, right in front of their face for 15 to 30 minutes. They can’t change the channel, they can’t turn the page, they can’t throw it away!

Today’s Technology Allows People To Bypass Traditional Advertising, Getting Their Attention Is Not Easy. Colorful And Strategically Placed Tabletop Ads Are Inlaid Right Into The Tables Of Busy Restaurants. People Are Already Relaxed And Waiting For Their Order. Your Business Is Exposed & Showcased Every Day! Potential Clients Feel Comfortable As They Look At Your Ad Willingly & Repetitively! This Is a Great Way To Stretch Your Advertising Budget!

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Features & Benefits

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    Renewal Time Is Here for 2017!

    Renewal Time Is Here for 2017! It is time to renew The Pointe Table Top advertising on tables and bar. Click the image above or link below to take you to our website with samples and more information about the project: http://tabletopads.seibroinc.com/ Advertiser Benefits! Exposure and Absorption! Your ad will reach people for fifteen minutes to an hour during one of the most relaxed times of their day! As a result, they will see the ads and, because of the length
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Quality Entertainment For Your Patrons!

Nothing passes slower than unoccupied time. But now your patrons may entertain themselves with Tabletop Ads, rather than with their wristwatches, as they wait for initial service or for their food. Your staff is now allotted the “hassle free” minutes it needs to do the job you expect it to do.


Set The Table With Your Business Message!

We use the most common visual part of any restaurant . . . the Table Tops!

Restaurant table top advertising is a cost effective alternative to radio, tv and print advertising!

One Look At Our Table Tops

And You Will Say, “Wow What a Great Idea!”

“Why Didn’t I Think Of This!”

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